Monday, September 1, 2008

A Day Off

Finally a day to get some fresh air away from the rat race. Bo- Derick (adopted son) and I found a great atv trail by Spanish fork canyon. We arrived at the start of the trail about 9:00 Friday morning, wow what a brisk start , about 43 degrees as we left the truck. Needless to say the pace was a little slow until it warmed up. The trail was great, twist and turns and rocks, narrow trails along sheer cliffs and lots of beauty and serenity. The pic of the white trees and yellow flowers is somewhat misleading, the white tree trunks were not quakes but sun and weather bleached scrub oak that had burned about 7 years ago. As you can see vegetation comes back thicker after a fire. The other pic shows how much of the trail was shaded, kind of a tree tunnel. A great day in the great out doors.

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nalgal said...

Way to BLOG! The pictures are awesome - what a pretty place! Glad that you found a child to adopt that has your same wacky work schedule. Not just anyone can pick up and leave on a Friday morning without a care in the world.