Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Living the Dream

Living the dream is for the youngsters, any more its just a day at the salt mine. Some days you mine more salt than others. Recently there has been some extensive mining, along with that there is usually some humor and usually alot of sweat and tired bones. You got to love the pic of the turned over jack-knifed house trailer. A family of six was riding in the Nissam Tundra pulling a 30' trailer and a 18' boat. I liked the commment from the driver of the Pickup, "It really pulls great" meaning that until now he had never had any trouble pulling doubles. Best news no one received as much as scratch.

Next dream was a little too real and a bit of a night mare. If you happen to be in a BRT (big red truck) It is a very very bad sign to see smoke rising from the base of a big dry mountain on a 100 degree day with low humidity and a stiff South wind. The initial attack was a bit futile but you have to try anyway, after dragging hundreds of feet of hose straight up the mountain and two and a half hours of spraying and pulling hose, we were called off the mountain and shifted gears to structure protection. By that time, the acre size fire that we started with was well on it way to being 500-600 acres. The rest of the day and night was spent pulling larger lines to protect the homes whose backyards were the mountain. Kind of a long shift at the mine.

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