Friday, August 22, 2008

Gma and gpa go bad!

Ok, for my Birthday gma wanted for me to rent a Harley for a day and she would go along for the rideee!!!
We finally found a day that would work, yesterday. Travel Log is a s follows.
Actually picked up the Harley at Timp Harley at 5:00 on Wednesday. We rode about 75 miles that evening, just around the valley and to the top of big cottonwood canyon. It was a bit chilly in the canyon but what a beautiful refreshing ride. Tursday morning we started about 9:30 and headed for Heber and points eastward.
We ate lunch at the Hanna Bar and cafe. I tried to get them to open the bar for me because I was a bad dude for the day, but they weren't impressed, they see bad dude guys all the time. Any way what a beautiful little valley around Tabiona and Hanna, so quiet and laid back. At least until the bad dude rolled into town. After lunch we proceded up wolf creek pass, once again solitude and peace were abundant, I think we passed one other vehicle the whole ride over Wolf Creek. The smells and the whole environment are much closer on a motorcycle. Besides you know your the ruler over the whole area because your a bad dude.
We coverd about 200 miles and gma was a trooper, or bad dude-et she said she was having a great time. So back to real life today, just Clark Kent again. It was a great day, check out the Pics, Timp Harley, Soldier Creek reservoir, Wolf creek pass and Jordanel reservoir. As I look at the pics some how Our bad dude image isn't quite there yet, perhaps a little tat and more leather attire, o well there is always next time.

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Nklpkl said...

wow! Ryan F would be impressed at how "bad to the bone" you were for a day! Looks like you guys had a great ride. Jeff will be jealous!