Sunday, August 17, 2008

One last summer fling

We went boating at Deer Creek on Thursday for one last time before school starts tomorrow. Dad didn't ski because the conditions weren't right but it was still fun. We had a relaxing day just floating around the lake.
One funny thing that happened was that we saw a fishing bobber floating over by the shore so we decided to drive over just for fun and get it. Well, right before we got close enough to grab it, it disappeared under the water. Dad decided it was hooked to a fish so we waited around for a few minutes for it to re-surface. We had just given up and started to head back when we spotted it again. So we were more sneaky this time and we cut the engine a few feet away from it. As we floated toward it I could see that it was attached to a huge carp. Then before I could snatch it out of the water it disappeared again. It was probably for the best since that monster probably would have pulled me in instead of the other way around. It totally reminded us of the part on Jaws when he pulls the barrels under. So, we had a good laugh.

Hayden's favorite part of going to Deer Creek is seeing the Heber Creeper. He always asks Grandpa to race it and to honk at it, which he does because each grandkid has him wrapped around their finger. We chased that train from the bottom of the reservoir to nearly the top. Hayden was thrilled!

This has been yet another fun summer of boating. The kids have become quite the deck-hands too. They hurry and get their life jackets on before we get in the water, they know when to sit down and hold on, they know when to hold the flag up, they make sure the ladder is pulled in, etc. It is nice that they are old enough now to really enjoy it and I don't have to be worried about them the whole time.
My favorite part about boating comes in the late afternoon when Hayden crawls up on my lap and goes to sleep. It happens every time we go boating and I absolutely love it because at home and on a normal day he wouldn't give in like that and fall asleep on me, but boating is hard work and sometimes you just need "15 minutes".

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