Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Day Off (second one this year)

This pic was taken my first day off this year. I didn't take any pictures today so I'll just inform you that I went golfing twice today, once with a good friend and once with my best friend, she is the one in the pic enjoying the ice fishing. I guess on my next day off I'll probably be right back on the ice, It makes you excited for winter doesn't it!!! Until then I guess it's back to the salt mine.

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nalgal said...

You have apparently forgotten your four-wheeler ride with your adopted son. Was that not a day off as well? There was a recent Lake Powell entry and a Harley ride entry too. In fact I can only remember one blog entry that had anything to do with working. I will have to teach you how to go back and review your previous entries so you can be reminded of how much fun you have!