Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yes it is true 36 years of marital bliss. It is hard to believe, I don't feel like I could have possibly been married that long, I must have started at a very early age, say about 10 or 12 . Ha Ha. We were married Nov, 24 1972, I am just glad I can remember the date. As the pics show nothing has changed since the first trip over the thresh hold. Well maybe a few things like kids , grand kids, a few pounds, a little less hair that has gone to a lighter shade, etc etc. We celebrated at the Homestead, Debs favorite (close) place to go. I initially reserved a regular room, but as we checked in and got talking to the receptionist and told her it was our anniversary she up graded us to the honeymoon suite. Pretty nice huh? We had a great time swimming and soaking and eating. There was absolutely no one else around, it was as if they had opened the whole place just for us.
Now for the serious part---- I am so blessed to have such a beautiful loving companion, to say she is special is an understatement. I pray our joy and happiness together will last into the eternities.


nalgal said...

You guys are the BEST! I love you!

Nklpkl said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on 36 years!! Here I was feeling good about 11 measly years! We love yoU!!