Wednesday, October 22, 2008


OK, OK, Back to blogging. Our trip to Nauvoo Il. also included transversing Missouri and Iowa and a bit of Nebraska. The Nauvoo Temple was grand and beautiful both outside and in, what a great experience to see it up close. All of the sites and knowledge certainly make you more fully appreciate the trials and hardships of the early saints, It is one thing to read about it but seeing the area and experiencing the paths of exile they followed was truly over whelming. A couple of the places of Joseph Smiths Incarceration, Liberty Missouri Jail and Carthage Illinois Jail certainly had a solemn spirit about them.
The Mississippi River was certainly impressive I can't imagine it getting cold enough to freeze, as it did when the Saints were forced to cross it as they fled their homes in Nauvoo.
The Pics are Mississippi River at Hannibal Missouri- Sunset on the Missouri River- Carthage Jail- Nauvoo Temple. Pretty unique trip from what I am normally use to. Going with a group tour was great for being care free and knowledge gained but a little to structured for me. I would rather go at my own pace and stop when and where I saw some thing to check out.

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Janelle! said...

Hi Crane's!
Glad you got to go to Nauvoo and experience it! It's fun to see your pictures of the trip. I hope you had fun! :) Janelle